Way of Life Association Inc. – School – Vegan Restaurants – Better Living Centers

In the kitchen at Way of Life, 2526 Eglinton Ave West.

Q: When did you start WAY OF LIFE?

A: Way of Life Association Inc. is based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous from which permission was obtained to adapt their program in 1981. I myself was an Al-Anon (For Families and Friends of Alcoholics) member for a numbers of years. A few years later, more Letter Patents were added to combine Vegan Restaurants and Health Centers after I became myself a Vegan in 1984. Way of Life is a Lifestyle that is educational and is meant to be shared and this is my purpose in life.

Q: WAY OF LIFE is much more than just a restaurant, it is a Life Style… explain how this works?

A: Most people learn more by example than by many words. Way of Life is a Lifestyle because it is teaching to change the way a person lives by offering material on health, nutrition class, introducing people to the 8 Laws of Health, preparing tasty, healthy vegan food and encouraging people one day at a time to improve their lifestyle. It also offers ways to stop smoking, abstinence from drugs and alcohol and is based on Christian principles.

Q: When did you come to Eglinton and Keele?

Way of Life storefront: 2526 Eglinton Ave West.

Way of Life storefront: 2526 Eglinton Ave West.

A: In July of 2013 we rented the premises at 2575 Eglinton Avenue West, restored the place, and by August we were ready to open up Way of Life School of Health, offering training to young and adults in the area of health, natural remedies, vegan cooking and more. In November 2014, we rented the premises at 2577 Eglinton Avenue West, restored the place and by March 2015, both premises were ready to be used for the Way of Life School of Health (at 2577) and Vegan restaurant (at 2575).

Q: Why did you pick this area?

A: After praying as I believe in Divine Guidance, the Executive Committee of Way of Life Association decided upon this area. We had looked at King and Queen, but that area is saturated with vegan restaurants and is much more expensive in rental fees for less space.

Q: Tell us about the food you prepare in your restaurant

A: he food we prepare at Way of Life Internet Café as it is called is completely VEGAN which
means no animal products of any kind. It is based on: fruits, nuts, vegetable and grains. It is as
organic as we can find and bought fresh every morning. The menu is: salad, falafel, wrap, soup
freshly made every day, juices, smoothies, milk shakes (coconut, soy, almond), dessert, and much more. The prices are adapted for the area as well and attract professionals as well as students.

Q: What other services does WAY OF LIFE provide?

A: Way of Life School of Health offers weekend seminars on health with free health
evaluation method, natural remedies like massage, hydrotherapy, herbs and plants, charcoal
cleansing program for addictions. It also includes a training program for agents who qualify to open more Way of Life vegan restaurants and health centers in Canada and abroad.

Q: How do you see WAY OF LIFE as a valuable contribution to the Eglinton and Keele Community?

A: Way of Life Association Inc. is a charitable organization that has been and is still involved
with prisons, schools, churches, business with educational programs and training in many areas of life. The needs at Eglinton and Keele vary from alcohol and drug consumption to educated business owners, young entrepreneurs, students which can all benefit from our services and support to improve their lifestyle… if they desire to do so.